Hello, my name is Elaine.

Based on this site's content, you might discern my passions for gardening, the natural world and healthy, sustainable eating.

And though I'm reluctant to label myself based on my work, I really don't mind if you think of me as equal parts dietitian whose day begins and ends in the garden and organic gardener who seeks to understand and practice healthy, sustainable eating.

The Greens (My Garden Journal)

Calendula officinalis 'Flashback'_4313

My first gardening memory is planting yellow pansies in a tire tractor repurposed as a raised bed garden. I think I was about 5 years old. Today I grow plants on my condo's balcony and in a community plot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Plant Hardiness Zones 7-8).

My gardening philosophy is best expressed in this quote from Kitchen Gardener International:

[A Kitchen Gardener's] love of food is a complete one that extends beyond the plate to the soil and the natural processes and cycles from which good food comes. Kitchen Gardeners are in tune with the natural world, the weather, and the seasons. They look for ways of working peacefully and harmoniously with nature, rather than fighting against her. They are stewards of the land, whether it be a farm or a window-box.


The Berries (A Dietitian's Journal)

I've been working as a dietitian for more than 20 years, specializing in acute care neurosciences. Six years ago I began a blog (originally called "Dietitian Online") as a means of building a community of practice and sharing information with colleagues and students.

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The Dietitian's Journal has posts about research, practice tools, education resources and personal observations and experiences on various topics related to food, health, clinical nutrition and environmental sustainability. I write with a potential audience of dietitians, nutritionists, dietetic interns and dietetics students in mind, but everyone is welcome here.

To help and do no harm: this is the intent behind all health-and-wellness information on Greens & Berries. However, this site is not a substitute for professional medical advice.  Please consult a qualified, licensed healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the opinions expressed on this web site are my own and do not reflect opinions of my employers or professional associations to which I belong.

The Preserves

5a/365: bird in the rosemary

The third journal on this site. Perhaps because I'm a dietitian, I like to think of it as a cupboard filled with "comfort food" -- photos, poetry, essays, memories -- words & pictures that nourish, soothe, & calm the spirit.



Additional notes

In the sidebars & here and there (for example, below), you will notice Jessica Hische's typographic styling. I'm grateful Jessica made these illustrative initial caps freely available to all bloggers so we can, in her words, "prettify the internet & beautify [our] blog posts."

Thank you for reading.