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Wordless Wednesday



Wordless Wednesday



Flowers for Easter: 1. Tulips

Tulips for Easter

Elegant pink tulips grace the City Hall Community Gardens gate


Are white flowers like vanilla ice cream...?


White blossoms: 'Mount Tacoma' tulips & Anemone blanda

...A classic favourite that people return to even though they may try other flavours or colours? Tonight I'm going to commit to white -- yes, even though I love to see and eat a bright rainbow in the edible garden, I prefer white blossoms on ornamental plants. (But I may change my mind to sunny yellow if we have a lot of dull, rainy days later this spring. And of course I love the pink of sakura & 'Angelique' tulips...ok, so much for decisiveness at 10 pm.)

Although a gradual succession of bloom would be ideal -- and 365 days of spring would also be lovely --  ALL the white blossoms decided to fully open today. So of course I had to take a several gardening work-breaks to enjoy the show.

Lewisia cotyledon forma alba_2967_2

Anemone blanda weaves its way through tulip leaves.


Tulip 'Mount Tacoma'_2910

'Mount Tacoma' tulip. The snow-white flowers are like double paeonies.


Lewisia cotyledon forma alba_2944

The rock star, Lewisia cotyledon forma alba.


I'd love to know -- do you have a favourite white flower?


A more delicate shade of pink

I'm continuing with a pink theme but no cherry blossoms this time -- instead, a tulip named 'Angelique'. Last November I planted 5 bulbs in a container. It looks like 3 survived the freezing temperatures of December & January and the first one started blushing and unfurling today. (Yesterday I couldn't tell if it was the pink 'Angelique' or the white 'Mount Tacoma'. )

I think I like tulips best in their shy adolescent stage. How about you?

Tulip 'Angelique'_2583

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